*Championships 2016*

Championships- The Committee has decided that the Championships will now be a 54-hole event for 2016 (2nd round cancelled altogether). Next Sat, 19th Nov, A-Grade will hit off at 10.30, Sunday, the 20th Nov, players will hit off, in reverse order, according to their standings. Draw for Saturday, 19/11/16 as follows-
10.30 N Bakes, G Boxhall, J Blair, T Coates; 10.38 D Tracey, D Bowles, P Parker, A Clark; 10.46 B Leigh, T Blair, G Lee, S Toohey; 10.54 G Asquith, S Swain, P Stoward, B Youd; 11.02 D Leonard, N Ritchie, A Elmer A Howie; 11.10 G Hardacre, C Jordan, C Badcock, G Jacobson; 11.18 D Simpson, C Jarman, C Smith, J Lowery; 11.26 C Heathcote, D Aspinall, R Rowarth, J Bakes..