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NTVGA 2018 AGM Fri 19/1/18 at Deloraine.


Notice of Annual General Meeting

The 2018 AGM of the Association will be held at the Deloraine Golf Club at 10:30 am on Friday 19th January 2018.

1. Opening of the meeting by the President:
2. Welcome to and accreditation of delegates;
3. Apologies;
4. Confirmation of minutes of AGM held at the Ulverstone Golf Club on 20th January 2017;
5. Business arising from minutes;
6. Correspondence;
7. Presidents Annual Report;
8. Financial Report;
9. Secretary’s Report;
10. Election of Office Bearers for 2018. All current Office Bearers are completing their 2-year tenure:
a. President;
b. Vice President;
c. Secretary/Treasurer;
d. Three Committee Members;
11. Election of Auditor;
12. General Business:
a. Set Capitation Fees;
b. Set NTVGA Tournament Dates and Directory for 2018/19;
c. 2019 AVGU National Championships in Launceston;
d. Rotation of Goodwill Tournament – 2019 onwards;
e. Proposed amendment to the Constitution;
f. Any other business and
g. Closure of the Meeting and serving of morning tea.

At the end of the meeting, delegates are invited to participate in a 9 hole Stableford competition – $9 entry fee.

Garry Hearps, Secretary/Treasurer, NTVGA, 20th December 2017.

Farmers Day Draw 2/3/17

9.00 B Arthur A Elmer K Leonard A Cox
9.08 L Thomas D Gillham W Ivory K Haberle
9.16 D Aspinall G Drake N Ritchie R Skipper
9.24 G Murdoch L Beveridge J Mitchell R Richardson
9.32 J McCormack T Vaughan S Parsons R Stephens
9.40 T Blair J Blair R Simpson D McLennan
9.48 O Von Stieglitz R Sherriff R Cossins L Johnston
9.56 N Quinn A Duncan A Gardiner W Duff
10.04 M Webster T Leary G Hatton W Bate
10.12 G Bowkett L Clarke B Morris C Langmaid
10.20 S McConnon D Shaw B Triffitt L Hardwick
10.28 I Smith L Tuson R Beveridge A Byard
10.36 J Thyne D France J Wardlaw I Tingle
10.44 B Walsh C Edwards K Rowbottom B Jacobs
10.52E Howe M Crowden I Flower B Atkins
11.00 S Burr A Johnstone W Rockcliff P Orchard
11.08 P Willoughby B Walker G Morris
11.16 R Smith R Dittman D Bird R Sindorff
Post entries accepted. Ring Don Tracey on 0418997320.

New Ball Washers

Three new ball washers have been installed at the course on the 1st, 5th & 8th tees. Many thanks to the Deloraine Golf Club’s Veterans group for these & to Shaun for installing them.

Draw NTVGA Annual Tournament at Deloraine, Tue 21st Feb 2017

Draw NTVGA Tournament to be held at Deloraine, Tues, 21st Feb 2017-

8.53. J Lohrey  G Hardacre B Leigh D Grant.

9.00. T Wilson R Dalton C Jarman Rick Sindorff

9.07 B Berwick B Turner J Arnold C Gilbert

9.14. W Thomas P Summers Rob Sindorff A Howie

9.21. D Wall L Boyd L Phillips K Dodge

9.28. P Hannaford M Moore W Fogarty R Greenberg

9.35 B Laughlin G Asquith D Godfrey L Godfrey

9.42 P Stoward J Malley T Leary T Flint

9.49 G Woodhouse R Beveridge R Barrenger L Malcolm

9.56 R Putnam B Wilkie G Gryta N Quinn

10.03 R Sherriff G French P King D Mollison

10.10 K Clark I Painting J Bensemann C Russell

10.17 D Aspinall C Jordan N Maxwell R Smith

10.24 R Carpenter D Falkiner K Pedley P Glover

10.31 R Patmore K Braun B Hallam B Coleman

10.38 B Whish-Wilson A Rehrmann L Thomas W Ivory

10.45 N Green K OK L Rhodes G Powell

10.52 I Smith J Keenan A Morris G McLennan

10.59 P Orchard D Lockwood D Middap P Gaunt

11.01 R Miles J Mossop I Tobin D Spencer

11.08 I Stedman J Viney R Perry D Johnson

11.15 G Cox A Cash D Goninon

Field closed.

Contact Grant Lee 0447 177 274

Deloraine Captain & President’s Day 2017

Sunday, 5th March 2017, Mixed Pinehurst. $25 per team, for non-members/visitors, includes game & afternoon tea. Deloraine members pay usual comp fees & bring a plate for afternoon tea please, SGS 10 for 10.30. Phone Captain on 0407 193 071 or Secretary on 63 622 801 or email

NTVGA 4BBB Christmas Special, 1/12/16, results.

NTVGA Christmas Special, 4BBB Championship, including 4BBB Stableford, 1/12/16, held at Deloraine Golf Club- Championship overall winners T Coates & D Tracey, Deloraine, 69 gross, RU G Lee & B Leigh, Del. 73: 4BBB-overall winners P Stoward & S Heathcote, Del. 49pts, RU T Pitt, Riverside & D Walton, Thirlstane, 48CB, 3rd S Limbrick & J Bradshaw, Prospect Vale, 48, 4th R Patmore & R Bracey, Riverside, 46, 5th P Summers & J Arnold, Del. 45CB; NP 4th/13th B Dixon, Smithton, 5th/14th A Elmer, Deloraine, NP in 2, 7th/16th T Coates; Del. Raffle winner Col Jarman, Del.

Draw NTVGA 4BBB, 1/12/16.

9.00 P Summers, J Arnold; R Ravini, B Wallace. 9.06 G Hardacre, C Badcock; D Grant, R Cawley. 9.12 G Lee, B Leigh; J Coffey, A Beveridge.9.18 D Simpson, C Jarman; Ulverstone pair. 9.24 G Asquith, A Elmer; G French, R Carpenter. 9.30 C Jordan, D Aspinall; B Turner, R Dalton. 9.36 M Blake, L Styles; P Gaunt, G McLennan. 9.42 S Heathcote, P Stoward; C Brawn, G Gryta. 9.48 B Dixon, B Woodward; D Lockward, J Cullen. 9.54 C Russell, J Bensemann; K Ackerly, D Wall. 10.00 B Youd, L Lee; W Thomas, J Folo. 10.06 B Vasilj, L Currie; R Patmore, R Bracey. 10.12 P Hughes, D Middap; D Youngman, Rick Sindorff. 10.18 S Limbrick, J Bradshaw; K Pedley, R Putnam. 10.24 R Lowe, L Malcolm; Rob Sindorff, C Gilbert. 10.30 D Stafford, K Clarke; N Green, Kwang OK. 10.36 G Powell, P O’Keefe; R Perry, D Goninon. 10.42 G Warmisham, P Dentler;B Arthur, A Howie 10.48 T Coates, D Tracey; T Pitt, D Walton. Late entries accepted. Phone Grant on 0447177274.

2016 Club Championships

2016 Club Champions
Left to right- Club Champion (for the 12th time)- Nathan Bakes, B-Grade Champion Garry Asquith & C-Grade Champion Jamey Lowery.
Results- Results 3rd & final round Club Championships, 20/11/16- Div 1 winner Andrew Clark 78-67, RU Dale Leonard 88-70CB, Shane Swain 79-70, Grant Lee 85-72; Div 2 winner Alf Elmer 90-69CB, Jason Bakes 94-69, Jamey Lowery 92-71CB, Col Jordan 96-71CB; NP 4th/13th Shaun Toohey, 5th/14th Todd Blair, NP in 2, 7th/16th Phil Parker. Championship winners- Club Champion Nathan Bakes 221 (12th time), Jack Blair 231, Darryl Bowles 240; B-Grade champion Garry Asquith 258, Grant Lee 261, Peter Stoward 265; C-Grade champion Jamey Lowery 273, Alf Elmer 285, Col Badcock 285. 54-hole Deloraine cup winner Jamey Lowery 204 net, Jack Blair 213, Jason Bakes 213; Last 36-holes Jason Bakes 137 net, Col Jordan 141, Jamey Lowery 142, Andy Howie 142. Coming event- 26/11/16 Don Simpson, Patron’s Day- 2-person Medley Pinehurst, SGS 10 for 10.30.