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Deloraine v/s Sheffield Challenge 2016


Results 2016 Deloraine v/s Sheffield Challenge- Best 10 scores 21/5/16 Sheffield 371pts, Deloraine 311pts; Best 10 scores 10/9/16 Sheffield 308pts, Deloraine 350pts. Overall winner Sheffield by 18pts. Medley Stableford, 10/9/16- Deloraine winner Jamey Lowery 38pts, RU Don Tracey 37, 3rd Greg Jacobson 36CB, 4th Jack Blair 36, 5th Garry Asquith 35CB; Sheffield winner Wade Rockliff 35, RU Dave McMillan 33, 3rd L Tuson 32, 4th N Milner 31, 5th Geoff Jago 30CB, NP 4th/13th Del. Col Jarman, Sheff. Greg Collis, 5th/14th Del. Don Tracey, Sheff. L Tuson, NP in 2, 7th/16th Wade Rockliff. Coming event, 17/9/16 Drummond Launceston Day, Medley Stableford, SGS 10 for 10.30.

Vets Group news Sept 2016

Sid West, President, Deloraine Golf Club Veterans Group & Grant Lee, Co-Captain, present Jack Blair with a $500 cheque, donated by the Vets group.
Deloraine Golf Club junior member, Jack Blair, along with 2 other young Tasmanians, has been given the opportunity to participate in a holiday golf camp in Jimboomba, south of Brisbane, Queensland, at the Hills International Golf Academy, from September 24 to 28. The donation from the Vets group is to help with his travel costs.
The camp will provide participants with access to the latest technology and coaching and the trio will go through a series of skills testing and data gathering as well as basic information on technique, rules, and game plan strategies.
The final two days include competing in a Greg Norman Junior Championship qualifying event.sid-jack-grant-presenting-cheque-for-jnr-camp-qland-2016-fr-vets