2016 Club Championships

2016 Club Champions
Left to right- Club Champion (for the 12th time)- Nathan Bakes, B-Grade Champion Garry Asquith & C-Grade Champion Jamey Lowery.
Results- Results 3rd & final round Club Championships, 20/11/16- Div 1 winner Andrew Clark 78-67, RU Dale Leonard 88-70CB, Shane Swain 79-70, Grant Lee 85-72; Div 2 winner Alf Elmer 90-69CB, Jason Bakes 94-69, Jamey Lowery 92-71CB, Col Jordan 96-71CB; NP 4th/13th Shaun Toohey, 5th/14th Todd Blair, NP in 2, 7th/16th Phil Parker. Championship winners- Club Champion Nathan Bakes 221 (12th time), Jack Blair 231, Darryl Bowles 240; B-Grade champion Garry Asquith 258, Grant Lee 261, Peter Stoward 265; C-Grade champion Jamey Lowery 273, Alf Elmer 285, Col Badcock 285. 54-hole Deloraine cup winner Jamey Lowery 204 net, Jack Blair 213, Jason Bakes 213; Last 36-holes Jason Bakes 137 net, Col Jordan 141, Jamey Lowery 142, Andy Howie 142. Coming event- 26/11/16 Don Simpson, Patron’s Day- 2-person Medley Pinehurst, SGS 10 for 10.30.